January 17, 2012

Settle Down with Kimbra

For just a few cents more than a cup of coffee—$3.96, to be exact—you can buy Kimbra's latest EP, Settle Down. Do it and you will have made a very wise (and rather frugal) purchase, my friends.

Kimbra is a young (oh, so young!) singer/songwriter, originally from New Zealand, but now based in Australia. I first heard of her in the way that I hear of everything new and exciting these days - on the Twitter. It seems that Curt Smith and his daughters had recorded a version of Kimbra's song, "Settle Down", and posted it to their Soundcloud. By coincidence, Kimbra and her bandmates had recently covered Tears For Fears' "Head over Heels" for a live radio appearance. Of course, being the curious kitty that I am, I had to check out both. 

As soon as I heard Kimbra start to sing, I was hooked.  For such a lovely young (oh, so young!) thing, she has a huge, growed-up sound that reminds me a bit of Esthero, crossed with Imogen Heap (and maybe a touch of Beth Gibbons from Portishead). Bottom line is, I dig. 

The Settle Down EP (Kimbra's North American debut!) is available on the iTunes. Coffee is available everywhere.

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