January 27, 2012

Pretty up!

Tomorrow, in addition to my usual Saturday work-out and errands/grocery shopping, I am going to spend a little time getting ready for my photoshoot. 

First of all, I have to find something to wear to this thing, and then I am booked for a haircut at Rouge on Hargrave, followed by a manicure and a little brow-maintenance at the spa. You know, nothing over-the-top. (The whole idea is to make it appear that I look great all the time, despite my busy schedule.)

I don't think I they are expecting Heidi Klum, but god forbid I should show up on Monday morning with my usual bedhead... although, really, I'm sure the gang at Reh-fit is so used to seeing me like that, they wouldn't bat an eye. (And I love them for it!)

It'll be nice to be pampered for a couple of hours, though. I have a gift card from Urban Oasis Mineral Spa that has been burning a hole in my purse since Christmas (as if I need an excuse), and I am going to take full advantage of the mineral pool before heading in for my services. I'm sure it will make me extra photogenic. Or something.

Have a gorgeous weekend, peeps! Do something lovely for yourselves.

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