February 26, 2009


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Yay me! I sold this scarf from my Etsy shop tonight!

February 25, 2009

I have 1000 ideas for recycling Altoids tins. Well, maybe 10 or 15...but they're all good and *perfect* for "Green is the New Black".

Anyway, I was getting bored with trying to collect tins the old fashioned way (begging), so I did what every impatient crafty girl would do and I went to Ebay. One well-placed bid got me a lot of 20 empty tins from somewhere in Florida and they are making their way here now (via my mom's house in Arizona). They should be here just in time for the craft show on the 8th. While I wait (patiently), I am going to pre-assemble all of the decorative "bits" that I will be using to alter them and then do some serious power-crafting as soon as they arrive.

Are they here yet?

February 18, 2009

a shout-out

One of my top three credos is "Don't ask questions that you do not want the answer to." Try as I might to stick to it, I can be a little lax on that policy sometimes...especially when it comes to Googleing myself. I just.can't.help.it. (I have to let my narcissistic side win out over my virtuous side once in a while...)
So, where was I going with this? Oh, yeah...today I was indulging my curiosity (just a teeny bit) when I came across one of my altered playing card sets, "Fortune 1", in a Valentine's post on this site: http://naomipiercey.com/?p=1007
That made me smile.

In other crafty news, I have signed up to take part in a fashion/craft show on March 8th at the Costume Museum of Canada. It sounds like it is going to be a really fun event. Here are the details:

Green is the New Black
Date: Sunday, March 8, 2009
Time: 7:30pm - 11:00pm
Location: Costume Museum of Canada
109 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg, MB

"We will be showcasing Winnipeg talent who focus on up-cycling various products. The evening will centre around a fashion show where five Winnipeg designers will show off their talents. We will have 10 cratfers selling their up-cycled goods, and The Lazy Rivers will be playing after the runway show.
Tickets are $20, there is limited seating, so buy your tickets in advance. They will be on sale at the Costume Museum we are open 10am-5pm Monday to Saturday and 12-4pm Sunday, if you wish to come down and buy your ticket. Otherwise you can call the museum at 989-0072 and purchase your tickets by credit card and we will mail them to you."

February 17, 2009


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There's a little moment of trepidation when you open a new notebook. You crack the spine, smooth out the page, and pause before picking up your pen and making an indelible mark on the paper's pristine surface. Those words or figures or doodles will be there to greet you every time you open that book to the first page. Talk about pressure! Sometimes I go straight to the second page, promising to return to the first when I have something "good" to say. Although, in retrospect, I don't think I ever do.

This post is a little bit like that. I don't have any profound words to open my new blog with, but I can't bear the sight of the blank screen staring back at me and I know that I have to say *something*. Maybe all that needs to be said is just a little "Hi...hello...welcome..." That should be enough to get the "first words" jitters out of the way and get us started.

And perhaps I'll go back at some point and back-date a "first" entry that explains what this blog is all about, but until then...Hi. Hello. And welcome to my new blog.