January 11, 2012


Big news! I am finally, officially (and very, very excitedly) a Group Power instructor! I have the certificate AND the rock-hard ass* to prove it. 

As most (if not all) of my Facebook, Twitter and, of course, real-life friends and family know, I have been working for the past two months to become a certified BTS instructor, starting with an intensive 3-day training session at the beginning of November. What followed was two months of memorization and practice, lots of team-teaching at two gyms, two video tapings, and plenty of nail-biting while I waited (weighted?) for my results. 

It was hard work, both mentally and physically, but it was also lots of FUN, thanks to the amazing group of instructors (and would-be instructors) that I got to train with. If it wasn't for their support and encouragement, I don't think I would have made it through. And I definitely wouldn't have made it to this point without my team-mate and fitness bestie, KK. Not only has she been a constant cheerleader, she has probably talked me down from at least a dozen ledges in the past two months. The best part? She received her certification at exactly the same time as me! How's that for kismet?

So, there you have it - one more thing to check off the ol' bucket list. What a great start to a new year!

*You are going to have to take my word for it. But, seriously, chairs fear me.

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