January 31, 2012

Pattern Play

As much as I like to rip on certain style bloggers, I simply had to take a picture of this outfit. Wearing it gave me so much joy for so many reasons. Here are five off the top of my head:

1. Like I said to the girls at work, "I couldn't decide which colour to wear, so I wore all of them." Green jacket, red sweater, purple/red/mustard skirt, purple tights and brown boots? Why the heck not?

2. This is one of my favourite vintage blazers (from MCC on Sargeant - $3) because it supports my theory that windowpane plaid goes with everything. Even flowers.

3. Even though it is January, the weather has been nice enough to wear flippy little rayon skirts. With tights, of course, but still.

4. Speaking of skirts, this one (from Forever 21) was too small for me a couple of months ago. Ha! Take that, scale.

5. The whole thing started off with the tights, which makes me think that purple may be the new black.

Does this mark the beginning of a new feature on the blog? You can bet your Anna Sui fishnets it does.

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