January 2, 2012

Say hello to 2012!

I set some time aside yesterday to post a Happy New Year message, but my need to nap apparently far outweighed my need to blog. After an epic bowl of soba noodle soup, I curled up under my new pink Snuggie* and closed my eyes for "just a minute". Well, 2 hours later, I woke up in a dark living room, disoriented but rested.

You can blame it on the duller-then-dull movie that I had on, but the culprit was most likely my back-to-back Group Power launches this weekend at both Reh-fit and Rady, not to mention my 2:30am bedtime on New Years Eve. In short, I needed sleep and, rather than wait around for permission, my body just took it.

As a result of my little nap, my blog post didn't get written and my Christmas tree got to stay up for one more day. Rather then get into a bunch about it, though, I am going to let it slide. Moments like that are very rare for me and I might as well enjoy them when I can. That is going to be one of my resolutions this year. Not to nap more (although that in itself sounds like an excellent plan), but to take advantages of little indulgences as they present themselves. Today that is taking 45 minutes to sit in a Starbucks to play Angry Birds and catch up on the weekend's emails. Ok, make that 60 minutes...

*Honestly, the thing is horrifying. I bought it as a gag gift for myself (from Santa)...as if that justifies it in any way.

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