June 7, 2011

June Photo Challenge - Day 7

When the mascot was little, I somehow got myself bitten (ok, mauled) by the scrapbooking bug. At the height of my obsession, I was not only working at a scrapbooking store, but I was actually organizing family outings based on what kind of stickers and paper I had to use up. Apple stickers called for a trip to the orchard; a merry-go-round die cut had us scrambling to find a carnival; a $7 shaker-box filled with glitter meant that I had finally lost my mind.

Needless to say, everything that we did was a photo-op and the mascot got pretty used to having a camera pointed at his little, freckled face. This is why I am so surprised that he has recently become such a reluctant subject. Take this morning, for example. For some reason, the boy was less than enthused at the notion of posing in our front yard at 8am. Or, maybe he was non-plussed about having to pose for a photo taken by a woman standing on a chair in the front yard. Apparently "blog challenge" and "high angle shot" mean nothing to a 13 year old boy on his way to school.

Either way, I got my shot...and, as a bonus, another excuse to buy stickers. I'm thinking little red maple leaves or tiny bike helmets or...

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