June 29, 2011

Farewell, grade 8!

We interrupt our June Photo Challenge to bring you a special shout-out to the mascot, who has just completed the eighth grade.

Last night he and his classmates busted a move or two at their grad dinner and dance, held at Scandals Area Night Club. No slow-dancing was reported (as if he'd tell me anyway), but it sounds like they all had a great time (despite the sketchy pasta).

Here's a picture of the boy in all of his graduation finery. Doesn't he look dapper (and so serious)?

Get the look:
Plaid Hat - The Bay ($25)
Plaid Ben Sherman Tie - Winners ($25)
Tone-on_tone Black Vest - Stockhomme ($39)
Teal/White Short-sleeved Shirt - Sears ($6)
Black Pants - Walmart ($12)
Attitude - priceless


  1. Aaaah! He looks so good! Congrats to the mascot for getting through some of the hardest social years of elementary school. Brace yourself for the freshman years!


  2. can Jason borrow this outfit?

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    ...and, Em, with the way the kid has been growing, I'll bet it would fit Jason. ;-)