June 6, 2011

June Photo Challenge - Day 6

Today’s challenge is “books”. Easy enough, considering how much I love to read, right?

Camera in hand, I ventured over to the used bookstore across the street from my office to photograph the teetering stacks of books that occupy every aisle and surface of the store. After less than 2 minutes, however, all of that chaos (and the crazy shopkeeper) was starting to make me twitchy.

I needed to get out of there – fast – so I snapped a couple of quick shots before stopping in front of an especially tall stack of old, dusty hardcovers.

I don’t know what made me peek inside this book in particular, but I’m glad I did. I took my camera out for one last frame, and it turned out to be a keeper.

Who knew that I would find one of my favourite quotes about books inside a book?

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