June 22, 2011

June Photo Challenge - Day 22

I assumed that today’s challenge would be an easy one. I had hoped that today’s challenge would be an easy one. Winnipeg, the pretty little prairie town that it is, has a seemingly unlimited number of lovely scenes; one would think that taking a nice landscape photo in the middle of June would be a snap (pardon the pun).

Well, taking into account the fact that I have a full day ahead of me, with little or no opportunity to go out in search of a lovely scene to photograph, AND the fact that the weather is absolutely miserable, it’s a wonder that I didn’t just throw in the towel on this “easy” assignment.

Not one to be defeated by a little rain, or a pesky little time-constraint, I took a detour on my way to work and ended up at Halter Park, right at the end of Wolseley.

This park marks the halfway point of my running route, however as you can see from the photo, the swollen river has overtaken the path and made it completely impassable. Needless to say, a run through here would require a swimming component…and I’m not quite ready to add the aquathalon to my already epic roster of activities.

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