June 14, 2011

June Photo Challenge - Day 14

Today's challenge is "someone you love". This one's a no-brainer: I heart my pocket protector wearing, D&D playing, vintage synth collecting, Devo loving, blog writing, embracer of all things geekified… nerd.

A little history: my fella and I should’ve met 25 years ago, but didn’t. We followed the proverbial “parallel lines” for years, sharing some of the same friends, attending the same events, shopping in the same stores, but never meeting.

Until three years ago, that is, and we’ve been together ever since. (I was smitten right from the moment that we met, but my definitive “he had me at…” was when I came home from a day-trip to Grand Forks and discovered a bunch of googly-eyed rocks placed around my garden.)

Three things I love about him: his bluer-than-blue eyes, the way he smells (swimming pool and jujubes), and how he can make a 3-mile run feel like, well, a 3-mile run…but more fun than running alone.

Three things that drive me nuts about him: he makes better pancakes than me, is bendier than me, and has a disgustingly green thumb (seriously, who grows oranges in Winnipeg??)

Aside from maybe catching a movie this weekend and (hopefully) making it out of town for a week this summer, we’re looking forward to our third anniversary, which will be celebrated in either July or August, depending on who you ask…and which occasion you are referring to. (July 17, aka “Boy-Meets-Girl Day”, is my personal favourite.)

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