June 11, 2012

A photo-tour of MPC

I am always talking about how wonderful it is at Manitoba Pioneer Camp, but to be completely honest, much of that was based on recollections from *ahem* 25 years ago. Yesterday, the mascot and I made the 2.5 hour trip out to the camp so that I could see for myself if anything had changed. Much to my delight, it hadn't.

Once you have made the 2 hour drive from Winnipeg, the Pioneer III takes you (and your sleeping bag) to McKinnon Island, as it has been taking campers since 1955 or so.

The P3 docked at McKinnon.

The view across the front bay.

The path to the cabins.

The cabins were always cozy, but now they seem much smaller than I remember. Or maybe I am bigger.

One of my favourite activities at camp - ranked slightly below canoeing, but significantly higher than "morning dip" - was always archery. Thanks to the posted rules, I think my adventures with the bow were always incident free.

Oh, morning dip...

The melamine dishes in the dining hall have been in service since long before I was a camper. How many hundreds of servings of tuna noona have these plates seen?

The bookshelves in the dining hall hold so many treasures. I wonder how many of these I have read.

It just wouldn't be summer camp without a slightly scary stuffed owl.

This is so very "Dirty Dancing", except not at all. I think I went back there *once* in my entire camping career.

The Mascot down by the beach, shortly before getting in trouble for throwing rocks.

Take a long walk off a short dock...

Cash Island, aka "the other island", aka home to MPC's fishing, sailing, and discovery camps.

On Cash, the kids sleep in canvas-sided cabanas.

The Mascot on Cash, shortly after getting in trouble for hitting trees with a stick. What is it with boys??

The Pioneer III, waiting to take us back to reality.


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