June 25, 2012

Office Space

For weeks I have been doing my work from my little suitcase desk. Cute, yes, but nearly impossible to spread out and really get things done. I have a full-sized desk in my basement, but the key word there is "basement". Teenagers might love subterranean living, but I prefer it up here with the sunshine and fresh air.

The other day, while on a full-scale garage clean-up, I discovered this little vintage desk hidden under a pile of cabinet door fronts and pillow forms (don't ask). I had purchased the desk almost 2 years ago for $40 from the MCC furniture store with the intention to tart it up and sell it at the old Mozy Rue store. I had forgotten how cute it was! Of course, I immediately decided that it had to come inside.

I am so happy with how it fits into the little corner beside the couch. It is not only the perfect spot for me to do my work at my laptop, it also has enough room to hold the phone (hold the phone!), my charging station, and, hidden in the drawers, a ton of cables, office supplies and small electronics. And I didn't have to do anything to it, other than a quick wipe-down.

Now to make-over another corner of another room to find a home for the suitcase desk...

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  1. I'm in the midst of my own Value Village desk make over! Tis the season...