June 5, 2012

Go jump off a dock!

If a picture says 1000 words, then this video is worth at least a billion.

Full disclosure: I have yet to watch that four and a half minutes of film without getting goosebumps and tears. I am pretty sure that the goosebumps are just my inner-camper trying to make her way out, straight through the skin of my arms, but the tears are all mom.

There is something so incredibly cool (and touching) about seeing your kid at his most candid, smack-dab in the middle of the wilderness, and surrounded by boys being, well, boys. Without girls, siblings and parents around, they become unguarded, fearless and funny. The first year that the Mascot went off to camp, he returned a little taller, a little tanner, and a little more confident and self-assured. He was still the same awesome kid... just more so.

There is still time to enter for your chance to win a session at Manitoba Pioneer Camp PLUS a trip for two to Punta Cana. The contest closes at midnight on June 15... what are you waiting for?

...and if your kid prefers saddles to paddles, Circle Square Ranch is also offering a chance to win a session at camp for the kids (plus a trip to Punta Cana.) Click here to enter! Giddy up!

I am proud to be an ambassador and alumni of Manitoba Pioneer Camp!
This post has been compensated; however, all opinions are sincere and all my own. 

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