June 30, 2012

Day 30 "A Friend"

No, this picture wasn't taken today. It's from a trip to Texas that I took with my BFF, Tanya, in...oh, god...1990-ish. We were all tarted-up and ready for a night out with a couple'a local boys. 

I remember so much about that night, but my favourite memory (besides getting carnations from our dates) was at the mid-point of the evening (aka 1am) when we snuck back into the house to change out of our dresses and into jeans for an impromptu trip to Mexico*. We were in the pitch black of the guestroom at Tanya's grandparents' place, trying SO hard to be quiet, when all of a sudden I heard "shwwwt, shwwwt, owwwww" It was the sound of Tanya removing her stick-on bra. Apparently, the best way to do it is quickly...like a bandaid. Or, rather, two.

*Clearly, Tanya and I lacked good judgement at 18 and 17 years old, respectively. 

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