June 21, 2012

Master of my Domain(s)

After mulling about it for weeks, I finally took the plunge, clicked the "buy" button, and registered a new domain name. Effective immediately (you thought I would wait?), zenbec.ca is home to my food blog, Relish.

Get it? You see what I did there? :sigh:

Anyway, it's a small change, but I am pretty excited about it. Since joining the Manitoba Food Bloggers a few months ago, my passion for food and blogging (and blogging about food, for that matter) has been given a kick in the pants. I have been working on putting up more posts, including Tuesday Tutorials and Wordless Wednesdays, and I have been getting much better at adding photos. I love the changes that I have made, and what better way to celebrate than with a new look and a new domain name?

So, please pop over and take a look. You'll find lots of healthy recipes that have all passed The Mascot Test (tm), pretty pictures of vegetables, restaurant reviews and more. (And, just between you and me, in the next couple of weeks, I will even be running a contest or two! Eeee!)

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