June 4, 2012

Day 4 "Close Up"

Ok, this is technically not a close-up....and, technically speaking, it wasn't taken today...but it's a good story, so I'm posting it as today's challenge photo. Humour me, would you?

On Sunday morning, instead of everything that we usually do separately, my fella and I snuck out for breakfast at Stella's. Afterwards, we stopped in at a tiny (and somewhat odd) used bookstore right next door to the restaurant.

It was there, amongst the quirky biographies, vintage sci-fi, and beatnik novels that I came across a book of poetry and essays called "A Book of Beauty " by John Hadfield. Seeing as I share a last name with the author, my curiosity was piqued. I pulled it off the shelf, opened it to a random poem and found a 4-leaf clover pressed between the pages.

Is this a sign (from a possible long-lost relation) that there is good luck around the corner?

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