April 24, 2012

School Nights

On Sunday night, my fella and I took a break from the usual "night before the week ahead" routine and went to Bistro 7 1/4 for the first installment of School Nights. We joined other nattily dressed guys and gals for a couple hours of fun and, get this, edumacation. 

In addition to an eye-opening flight of martinis (dirty, burnt, and voodoo), we were taught proper tie-tying techniques by Luke Nolan of the Haberdashery. I wore my favourite vintage necktie for the event, which received the classic Windsor knot, and R traded his skinny in for a very dandy bow tie. (He practiced and practiced until he got the knot just right.)

The event was organized by a couple of the city's lovliest social media/foodie darlings, Sarah Zaharia and Talie Syrie (aka The Tallest Poppy), and will continue to run on Sunday nights in the lounge at Bistro. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us. Going out on a school night has never been so fun!

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