April 14, 2012

Day 14 - Groceries

Grocery day! After making my usual trip to buy veggies at Costco, I still have to make at least one more stop at a grocery store to buy "everything else". (Sometimes it's two of three stores, but thankfully not every week.)

One of my fave aisles in the grocery store is the "ethnic" aisle. Our Superstore (where I was shopping today) is relatively small, so an entire world of products can be found down just one aisle.

Today I saw Indian fritter mix, Jamaican potted meat, Danish canned heavy cream, more noodles than I could shake a chopstick at, and this delightful sounding product - Cock Brand Banana Blossoms.

I don't know what these would bd used for, but they had me at... well... let's just say they got my attention.

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