April 2, 2012

Day 2 - A Childhood Favourite

Without question, the best food from my childhood has to be chocolate sprinkles, or as we Dutch girls call it, hagelslag. And, as any good Dutch girl worth her zout knows, the best use* for hagelslag is on buttered bread, toast, or a rusk.

Yeah, that's right. Chocolate on bread, open-faced, with enough butter to keep it stuck, and it's 100% parent-approved. Based on that alone, I would be willing to bet that Dutch kids are happier and more well-adjusted than other kids. Just sayin'.

I have managed to keep the tradition alive and the mascot is currently working his way through a big box of milk chocolate hagelslag, purchased from the Dutch Meat Market. My is the dark chocolate, but I still take a daily "taste" of the kid's hagel, strictly to check for freshness, of course.

What are your childhood favourites?

*Or, let's be honest, straight out of your hand or licked off your plate.

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