April 26, 2012

Camp time! Well, almost...

The Mascot leaves for fishing camp in 79 days* and I am already tripping over his tackle box and duffle bag. You would think that he's leaving tomorrow!

I'm not saying that the boy has a habit of getting ahead of himself, but I wouldn't be surprised if his sleeping bag makes its way up to his room in the next week or so. (Apparently it's important to "practice" sleeping.) I'm also pretty sure that over the next two and a half months, there will be numerous viewings of last year's video, marathon list-making sessions, and lots of silly questions "What time are you picking me up from the bus? Will you be late like last time?" Shush.

As someone who lives for things to look forward to, I have to admit a certain level of jealousy. I know first hand how insanely beautiful it is out there on Shoal Lake and I have experienced the skin-tingling excitement when the P3 leaves the dock and heads out towards McKinnon Island. Sure, you're in the company of experienced staff, councillors and LITs, but there are no *parents* there. There are still people there to tell you what to do, but, chances are, what they are going to tell you to do is have FUN.

I have posted a link to this contest before, but here's another chance to enter for your chance to win a session at Manitoba Pioneer Camp PLUS a trip for two to Punta Cana. (Why should the kids have all of the fun??)

If your kid has not had the chance to experience summer camp, I would highly recommend Manitoba Pioneer Camp. The camp has been around for ages (obviously, since *I* went there) and has a long history of providing amazing camping experiences to kids in an absolutely breathtaking setting. The smallest of the camps in the inter-varsity family, MPC takes advantage of its surroundings with a wide variety of programs - from the "classic" boys and girls 1 and 2 week camps, to (the Mascot's favourite) fishing camp, a co-ed sailing camp, an LIT program, and longer, more extensive (5-20 day) tripping/wilderness camps. To check out the 2012 schedule and a description of the different camps, please visit the MPC website.

...and if canoing and sailing are not your thing, Circle Square Ranch is also offering a chance to win a session at camp for the kids, plus a trip to Punta Cana for you! If only the Mascot weren't allergic to horses (true story)... Click here to enter!

*But who's counting...?

I am proud to be an ambassador and alumni of Manitoba Pioneer Camp!
This post has been compensated; however, all opinions are sincere and all my own. 

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