February 1, 2012

Lights, camera, plank!

Well, it was close, but I survived my big photoshoot unscathed!

After working one of the shortest days in recent history (2 hours), I raced to the Reh-fit for the shoot. Traffic was definitely on my side, so I had lots of time to primp and prep before my 11:45 appt. I am sure that the other ladies in the locker room were surprised to see me get dressed in workout clothes and then start putting on mascara and lipgloss (and my secret-special hair glosser). One I was fairly satisfied with the "look"––somewhere between "ready for the treadmill" and "ready for the catwalk"––I packed up all of my tools and, using my spidey senses, found them getting ready for me in Fitness Studio A.

While the photographer, Brian Gould, was getting the shot set up, I sat down and did a little interview. The questions were pretty standard "How long have you been coming to the Reh-fit?", "What brought you here in the first place?", "Why do you work out?". I don't know that I gave the most interesting answers (and I made sure not to mention my bizarre addiction to group fitness classes), but I am sure that they'll craft it into a nice, little piece. 

Once the gabbing was out of the way, it was time for me to get in front of the lens. One of my gym friends had warned me that I would have to plank and, boy, did I ever. Straight-arm side planks off the BOSU, to be exact. Kinda like this:

I don't know if I was as elegant or focused as the girl in the picture above, but I was certainly smilier. And, yes, even while trying to balance on that crazy thing. Brian was great, though, and made it lots of fun. I think we managed to get the shot after only three times up into position, so my form (and my arm) didn't suffer. In fact, it might have even gotten better. "Legs straight...feet stacked...arm up...higher, higher...reach for it...look up..." All of that, plus my internal monologue "Tummy in...tummy in...tummy in...smile...tummy in...", and before too long, we had a winner. 

I got a little glimpse of my picture on Brian's laptop, but I won't see the final result for a few weeks yet. The magazine is scheduled to come out in April and I still have to OK the story before it goes to press, so I am hoping to see proofs of the pics by the end of next month. If I can post a sneak-peek at that time, I will definitely get one up!

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  1. I've worked with Brian (not as a model, mind you!) but I know if he was shooting, they will be great images. He's a terrific photographer, and super fun too!