February 10, 2012

Le Weekend... le finally!

My goodness! Yet another weekend is upon us and, frankly, I never thought it would get here. 

As far as weekends go, I think it will be a busy one, but I have scheduled some much needed R&R into the plan and hopefully that'll be enough to recharge my batteries.

Friday: By the time you read this, I will be ass-over-teakettle at Moksha Waverley's Hot Hatha class. Some weeks are hit or miss, depending on the instructor, but I hate missing what is usually the perfect outro for the week. Bring on the OM. After yoga, I will be heading home to whip up a little Chinese/Japanese fusion dinner for my fella and the mascot. On the menu - black bean and veggie udon, sesame broccoli, salad, and mochi ice cream treats for dessert. Oh, and fortune cookies, too. You didn't think that I'd forget the fortune cookies, did you?

Saturday: Up early (but not too early) to do the weekly Costco run, then off to Rady to teach the noon Group Power class. After that, more grocery shopping and (hopefully) another yoga class before it's time to get ready for my big date. Because Valentine's Day is on a Tuesday this year, my fella is taking me to Wasabi on Broadway for a little sushi and a little canoodling. He has reserved our favourite (and rather private) spot right by the sushi chefs, so we can watch the magic happen (flaming volcano rolls!) right before our love-struck eyes. I'll be the one in the festive red dress.

Sunday: Up a little less early (but still kinda early) to prep the week's breakfasts and lunches before hitting the Reh-Fit for a "double" (aka Group Power class followed by spining). My bestie, KK, is teaching both, so it should be even more fun than usual. My goal for the rest of the day is to spend as much time idle and/or horizontal as possible. (This is where the recharging of the batteries comes in...)

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