February 24, 2012

Day 24 - Inside My Bathroom Cabinet

Do people really snoop in bathroom cabinets? Apparently so. I once had an especially nosey (and frank) guest remark that I had "nothing interesting" in my bathroom cabinet. I'm not sure what he was hoping to find, but unless he was looking for overpriced face masques and abandoned hair products, he sure didn't find it.

The first thing that you might notice is the lack of medicine in my "medicine cabinet". There are two reasons for that: first of all, everyone knows that you shouldn't keep medicine in the bathroom (it's too warm and humid in there), and, in all honesty, other than some Advil and vitamins, we aren't really big pill-poppers. 

So, that leaves dental-care supplies and the aforementioned "hope in a bottle" (or a tube). If you didn't know me, the only info that you might glean from this little peek inside my cabinet is that I have cloggy pores, curly hair and somewhat less than 20/20 vision. I think the most exciting thing in there might be the baby bottom cream and I'm not even sure why I have that. 

Top shelf: Tiber River foot scrub, Rosebud Salve, countless Vichy and Biotherm samples, Yes to Carrots! eye cream (too rich). 
Middle shelf: Burt's Bees lip balm, contact lenses, toothbrush, floss, Tiber River bar soap.
Bottom shelf: Origins masque, AG Re:coil, Rusk drops, contact solution, Aveda toner, Aquafresh, Bliss masque, Vichy Normaderm face wash, Rusk Wired, Tiber Baby Bottom lotion, Tiber Pomegranate face wash, PC Unscented lotion.

And, that's it. No incriminating tinctures, potions or cures. No fungicides. No anti-psychotics. No wart removers. No nothin'. Sorry, snoopers.

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