February 16, 2012

Day 16 - Something New

There's a brand new naughty-shop in the Exchange District and, although I have yet to summon up the guts to go in*, I like that they've moved into the 'hood.

First of all, the street that it's on, Albert Street, used to be known for its "ladies". Back in the day, they would hang out on the cobblestones, drumming up business in their stilettos and full-length furs. If you wanted a companion for an hour or so, this was the place to go. These days, the street is much, much tamer (which is why I think it could use just a little spicing up.)

And, did you notice the address? 88? That's like lucky times two! ;-)

*It's not that I am afraid of entering such an establishment... it's just that the prospect of coming out, laden with shopping bags, and running into my boss is enough to keep me from venturing in. I suppose we'll have to make it a weekend activity. Right after Costco, but before naptime. Oh, my!

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