February 15, 2012

Day 15 - Phone

Ring, ring! Is this a picture of a phone, or an excuse to show off my new piece of jewelry? 

Assuming that it's a picture of a phone (today's challenge subject), I should tell you that it's the phone on my desk at work and I captured it in a rare moment of silence. There are some days where it never stops ringing, but it took this shot before 9:00 am when I have the luxury of letting it go to voicemail. Unless, of course, it's an important call...which is anything that doesn't come from someone trying to sell us Google front-page placement or office supplies.

But, if you think that this is all about me showing off my Valentine's present, then I guess you know me better than I thought. And, judging by how perfect this ring is, my fella knows me best of all. It's gutsy and bold and just flashy enough to get attention. Sound like anyone you know?

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