November 29, 2010

TAYGCS – one down and one to go!

Well, we survived the MCC Handmade Holiday/TAYGCS sale at the West End Cultural Centre on Friday night. I say “we” because the mascot was in attendance for the entire evening. (It’s amazing what a kid will do for Cakettes and popcorn!)

The traffic was good and the overall mood was festive, but the event lacked the frantic chaos of the TAYGCS Park Theatre shows…which was probably a good thing. With the real TAYGCS sale coming up in 6 short sleeps, I don’t know that I could handle too much more excitement. As it was, it took me a good half-day to recover from the snowy load-in/out and late night Subway dinner.

As far as the actual transactions went, I am happy with my sales, but, once again, I was surprised with which items were the hot-sellers and which were (for lack of a better term) the duds. This time around, the jewelry and pins flew off the table; the racks and stationary not-so-much. It just goes to show that these events are as unpredictable as prairie weather.

The good news/bad news is that while I would’ve loooved to have sold all of the racks, it’s actually a bit of a relief that I don’t have to high-tail it out to Habitat in ST B for supplies to whip-up* a whole new batch.

So, for the next few days, I’ll be putting all of my energy into sewing t-shirt pillows (remember the 35 shirts that I bought in August??), making another 4 dozen pins and (hopefully) figuring out my table display. I have a larger table this year, but I am losing the row of theatre seats that proved to be oh-so-useful for display at last year’s sale. Ideas?

*Isn’t it cute how I say “whip-up” like they don’t take 4 days to make?


  1. my lovely neighbours at the sale shared a box of cakettes with me - they were soooo YUM!

    so the small tables come with seats to use? hmmmm

  2. Picture yourself squeezing down a row of seats at the theatre. That'll be you selling your stuff.

    I had my pillows on the seats behind me, which worked out great, especially since the floor is angled towards the front. For that reason (and the fact that people will be blocking it), you won't want to use the row of seats in front of your table, though.

    To make the most of your tiny space, think high and close to the aisle. You've gotta grab them as they come down the main aisle, or you'll lose 'em.

  3. We are also a bit confused at why certain things sell at some shows and not at others. We've come up with a few new designs for the last TAYGCS in hopes of intriguing the younger, hipster crowd.

    Fingers crossed.

    I'd like to help with your display but we're struggling with our own!!

  4. Can't wait to see the new stuff!

    The thing that I have found to be most-challenging with my displays is trying to get everything on the table and have it make sense together. I don't think I have ever done the same set-up's a work in progress.