November 11, 2010

Enough with the racks already...

How does that song go? "Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen..." But, instead of pouring myself a cup of ambition, I grabbed a brush and gave the back-sides of the jewelry racks a second coat of paint. (Yay me...but it was 5am. I am really getting bad at sleeping in.)

At 10am, I popped the top off of the can of paint (again) and turned my attention to the rack fronts. (I think that makes 3 now, which makes me wonder if I should be embracing the concept of primer.) I also sat down with the big bag o' knobs and decided which ones will go on which racks; a task that I had been avoiding due to my tendancy to overthink stuff like this.

Tonight will be all about putting on the final coat of paint (I swear!) and getting the holes drilled for the knobs. I think I am going to stamp my logo on the backs at some point, too, but there's plenty of time for that...

3 sleeps!

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