November 10, 2010


When I first saw Yvette in the Grumble Toy booth at Comic Con, I wasn't sure if I should be smitten or a little freaked-out. There's just something about her eyes.

That something was probably the reason that I couldn't shake her from my head and had to go back to Grumble Toy (after an hour of blissful, child-less wandering around) to buy her. Isn't she lovely?

She now lives beside the big picture window in our living room and shares Nana's chair with a Raccoon from Sew Dandee and a felt owl that I made in a MAWA stitch 'n' bitch workshop. According to her hang-tag, Yvette is quite an accomplished baker, but we have yet to see evidence of that.

To meet the rest of Yvette's Chimian family, visit The Morninglori Vine.

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