November 9, 2010


Well, we're 5 sleeps from the first show of "the season" and the state of my dining and coffee tables are living proof of that. The jewelery, packaging and random projects which are destined for my upcoming shows, have started to spill out of my craft area and are threatening to take over the house. At this point, only the mascot's bedroom and the bathroom are safe, and I'm not making any promised that it wil stay that way.

First up is the Bling show on Sunday. I'll be taking my new jewelry pieces, domino pins, domino and scrabble pendants, notepads, mirrors and my fabulous* new upcycled jewelry racks.

*At least, I hope they will be fabulous...right now they are only about a quarter finished. Yikes! Tonight is all about slapping on carefully applying a couple coats of paint and then they'll be ready for knobs and hangers tomorrow. Or Thursday. How many sleeps do I have?


  1. I'm in the same boat - so much to finish before Sunday. So far I have only taken over 2 rooms but that will change over the next few days. Hoping for a great show at Bling on Sunday!

  2. I think my stuff is trying to make its way closer to the car. That's the only way I can explain it. I'm usually sooo tidy. ;-)