November 15, 2010

Nice Rack(s)!

As I mentioned in my last post, the much-blogged jewelry racks were a hot-seller at the Bling show…relatively speaking, that is. The response was fantastic and I was thrilled to sell three of the nine that I made. (Just imagine if we had been busier!)

In fact, feedback on the racks was so good that I popped over to the Habitat ReStore on my break and bought a few more drawer-fronts and knobs. If the racks sell well at Crescentwood, I’ll need to quickly make more for the TAYGCS WECC show on the 26th. With the way my schedule for the next 5 days is shaping up, though, there will be no time to go all the way back out to St B to buy supplies.

Following the "if it ain't broke" credo, I am not going to change the design of the racks, but I am going to save myself some work by using a really good, high-adhesion/high-hiding primer*. I picked some up last night and even had a can of it tinted to match my perfectly creamy, melted-vanilla-ice-cream-coloured paint (which, incedentally, I have decided will be my "signature colour"...and not just because I'm lazy).

*Yeah, yeah, yeah...I should have done that for the last batch. I have learned my lesson.

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