November 15, 2010

All Blinged Out

Minus 1 sleep; the 2010 Bling show is all but a glittery memory (on farmed butterfly wings, no less)...

So, how did it go? Ever the optimist, I am going to say that it went GREAT. Sure, traffic could have been better, but what craft-sale vendor has never said that*? So, lack of customers aside, allow me to summarize what was good about the day:

1. I shared a booth with Emily, Corina, Ruth and Marlene. There was no hair-pulling and we all left as friends. Success!
2. I sold enough to pay for my spot and next week’s trip to Costco. Success!
3. Of the 9 jewelry racks that I brought, I sold 3! That’s what I consider…success!
4. Pins! Pins! Pins! It’s so nice to see people get excited about my pins again. As much as I love having my stuff in the shop, I really miss the fun of watching people discover the domino pins. Success!
5. The day was a good way to ease into the season, plus I got to see my new jewelry rack in action. If nothing else, I came out of the event with a solid plan for next Sunday’s set-up...and now I’m already packed for it! S-U-C-C-E-S-S!

What didn’t work? I don’t want to dwell on the negatives, but I would have to say that the show could have been advertised better, the lighting suuucked (thank god we had clamp-on table lights. Thanks, Ruth!), the $4 admission was a little (ahem) steep, and the mix of vendors/layout didn’t really suit our funky, “green” thing. We should’ve been next to dConstruct, instead of across from a cosmetics "home party" company. Just sayin’.

Would I do it again? Ehhh...maybe? Everyone that I talked to in the bathroom (which, incidentally, is where all the vendors dish at this things) was not happy, but then vendors in bathrooms rarely are. It’s hard to judge a first-time event, though, so I am going to leave it at “maybe”. Or, as they say at the Franco Manitobain Cultural Centre: “peut-etre”.

*Ok, I lie. I definitely did not say that after last year’s TAYGCS show.


  1. another positive...connecting with potential wholesale opportunities!

  2. Haha...some of us more than others! ;-)

    Upon further reflection, I think it felt more like a trade show than anything else. We were definitely the "craftiest" in the room.