December 3, 2010


It’s funny how the universe works; yesterday I was right in the middle of starting a post about my favourite new necklace, when I received a message from Em and Corina, the lovely and talented duo behind jake + cleo and the makers of said necklace. Apparently, as great minds often do, we were thinking alike and blogging about each other’s wonderfulness.

I have actually been meaning to write about my necklace for a couple of weeks, ever since I won it in a contest on the jake + cleo blog, during a particularly good streak of luck*. My failure to blog has been entirely about my current time-crunch, though, and shouldn’t be seen as an “out-of’sight/out-of-mind” situation. In fact, since receiving the necklace from the girls, I have worn it practically every day.

My “bellybutton” necklace is just like the one pictured above, but on a black linen cord. If you want one, too, you can buy one from the jake + cleo Etsy shop. Just remember, though, like all handmade goodness, yours will be OOAK (just like mine!)

*That same week, I won a Kindle and some cupcakes. More about that at a later date, but go me!

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