September 30, 2009

The Viking

This past weekend, Winnipeg held it's first-ever "Free Weekend". Residents were encouraged to drag their unwanted household items to the curb, where they could be scooped up by passers-by. I made a couple of great discoveries. Here's the story about one of them - an antique Viking radio cabinet.

This is a close-up of the aformentioned cabinet, which is now residing comfortably in a corner of my living room. The cabinet had pretty much been gutted and all that remained of the "guts" was the radio itself (though disconnected and probably not operable) and a piece of the glass that covered the tuner. In the interest of prettying it up, I made a tiny collage to fill the space.

Keeping with the "radio" theme, I used vintage sheet music, some pretty patterened paper and a couple painstakingly cut-out branches and a little song bird. The whole thing was put together and then varnished for durability before the glass was attached with super-duper strong double sided tape.

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