September 2, 2009

it's in the, bag!

This purse is my latest creation and a perfect example of upcycling.
It’s made from a jean skirt, a necktie, and a chunk of fabric left over from a shower curtain project (circa 1997). Total cost: $4.50 (including the D-rings!)
The skirt was a recent Value Village find and the tie came from my Dad’s collection.

Making it was embarrassingly simple. All I had to do was open up the waistband of the skirt at the sides, insert and attach the necktie “strap”, and then line it. The longest step in the whole process was handstitching the lining to the waistband. (I did that while watching a documentary, though, so it was really like no work at all.) Had I been more organized, I would have photographed it for a tutorial. Next time - I promise!

That makes two bags completed this week…I am definitely on a roll! I have two more in the works (read: I have the plan AND the fabric for them) and one more in the earliest stages of the creative process. The third one came to me in a dream this morning and I think I have it worked out…I just need to find the perfect placemat. What?

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