September 4, 2009

upcycled netbook sleeve

I couldn't bear to have an unprotected netbook any longer. R gave me "Harriet" for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, and since then she's been carted around in a backpack, a shopping bag, an old corduroy tote...nothing befitting her awesomeness. Until now.

I made this sleeve from a chunk of denim harvested from an old pair of jeans and lined it with some quilted jacket lining that was left-over from my Fabricland "project" days. The tabs and appliques are new fabric (and will match the bigger tote-bag that is still in the planning stages). There is also a co-ordinating fob that I made to hold my USB stick (not pictured).

The appliques were surprisingly easy to apply...even though they were an afterthought and I had to sew them on *after* sewing the side seams. D'oh! I also added the little watch pocket from the jeans, but hand-sewed that on due to the thickness of the denim and the rivets at the top edge. There's a hole in the pocket, which I backed with a tiny piece of the brown and green fabric, as well.

I still need to fashion a strap for the sleeve, but I need a couple of things that weren't in my stash. Namely, brown webbing and a sturdy set of clips. (I am going to attach it with clips, so that it can go do double-duty as a strap for the tote as well. Clever, huh?)

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