September 8, 2009

my kitchen table

This was the scene on my kitchen table the other day. You're looking at four mirrors in varying states of completion, a few pins awaiting glazing, and a few of the bits and pieces that go into the creative process. The day before it was the sewing machine, the mini ironing board, and a basket of notions.

Needless to say, this kind of thing is not conducive to your typical kitchen table activities. Like eating, for example. It's not bad when I'm alone and can take my plate to the coffee table (shush!), but when the mascot is around we always eat at the table. That means that each project, each tool, and each scrap of paper must get carefully picked up and put...somewhere. Then, after the plates are cleared and the dishwasher is humming its little tune, it all comes back out again.

The reason for this madness? My artcraftsewing room (aka "the pit") has been in a state of disarray since May. Or it could be even earlier. I'm blocking. Anyway...I finally had enough of having a non-functional workspace, so I woke up at 6 on Monday morning and tackled it. It took almost 4 hours, but I'm happy to say that it's DONE. Or, at least, done enough to get in there and do some work. I am going to stop off at Costco on the way home today to pick up another set of $38 shelves to store all of my goodies (aka "ephemera") and then it will be done. :sigh:

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