September 29, 2009

Talk to Strangers

This past weekend, I went out for breakfast with a "stranger". Ok, that's not entirely true. I met her when she purchased a trio of pins from me at Ciclovia. She contacted me a couple days later to order 20 more pins (yay!) and we communicated back and forth via email a few times over the next week. Once her order was done and ready for delivery, she suggested that we get together for coffee and a chat.

We agreed to meet at Stella's in the Village on Sunday morning and ended up talking for close to two hours. It was a wonderful time and I'm sure we could've had a 6 hour conversation without running out of anything to say. We mostly talked about our art/craft (she's a poet and amazing quilter) and the challenges that come with trying to get our work "out there". It was so nice to talk to someone with as much passion for creativity as I have and such a positive, optimistic attitude.

I hope that we will get together again soon. She belongs to a couple of craft groups and has promised to bring me along to a get-together sometime, which I thounk would be totally fun. I miss the days of "cropping" with the girls at Remember Me in BC. Scrapbooking, knitting, quilting, gluing stuff...I don't think it much matters what you do, it's just nice to do it together sometimes.


  1. Hey, the anal-retentive weirdo in me noticed that the link to your blog I have saved is missing a T in the name - it just says "tickeyboo" when I saved it to my Google Reader. By the way, what does that name mean?

    We haven't seen each other in so long, I might be a stranger now - does that mean you'll have an outing with me? ;) Miss you.

  2. There was a typo, but it has since been fixed. You probably saved it before I put the T back in. ;-)

    "Ticketyboo" is British slang for "OK...excellent...alright...".

    ...and, yes, I will have breakfast with you. Just get your butt out to the middle of America Jr. Bring one of those bands of yours, too. I haven't been to a good show in ages!