July 17, 2012


Well, maybe "derailed" isn't the correct term. It's not that I have given up on the July Photo Challenge, It's just that there are a few holes here and there. Blame it on the busy, or blame it on some rather uninspiring topics this month (Finger? Really?)

Or, just blame it on the rain, Milli.

It was actually my mother that pointed out my poor, neglected blog. While I was tending to other important matters, such as the complete archive of Beverly Hills 90210 on Netflix, the tumbleweeds were starting to roll through the ol' Ticketyboo. What can I say? It's summer. It happens.

I promise to do better, Mumji. I'm all caught up now (sorta) and, with the kid away at fishing camp, I have all the time in the world to post Instagram photos and wax poetic on things like social injustices and climate change and the trials and tribulations of the gang from West Beverly High.

And, if that doesn't work, I can always post pictures of cats.

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