July 15, 2010

Preparation is everything!

Last night was a pillow party at my house!

The other day, I arrived at work an hour early and had a rare chance to spread my stuff out on the big warehouse tables. In less than 60 mins, I managed to cut (and pin*) a dozen pillows from my latest cache of pre-loved t-shirts. I can’t even tell you how much of a difference it made to have that part of the job behind me when it came time to sew last night. All I had to do was grab my little stack (organized by colour for better thread-changing efficiency), sit down at my machine, and GO! An hour later, I was back on the couch with my pile of pillow covers, happily stuffing them with fluffy feather forms. I didn’t get the openings blind-stitched before bedtime, but I am planning to do that while I mind the shop tonight.

My faves: Bruce Lee (seriously) and Mario, of Mario Brothers fame.

* yes, I finally bought new, sharp pins.


  1. Funny that you should mention this. I just rescued a t-shirt I brought my son from NYC and I want to make a pillow from it. I remembered yours, which was what inspired me. I just haven't decided how to go about it. I wondered if you have to stabilize it with anything?

  2. Nope, no need to stabilize. Just cut, sew, stuff with a nice, smooshy pillow form (I like the feather ones from “the fake IKEA”) and then fluff, fluff, fluff.

    Tippety-tips: through trial and error, I have found that it’s best to use a narrow zig-zag stitch for the t-shirt pillows…and *slightly* rounded corners.