July 27, 2010

Lucky Finds

I just returned from a mini-vacation to my fella’s parents’ farm, which (much to my surprise) turned out to be a working-vacation of sorts. I’m not complaining, though; since my crafting time is at a premium these days, getting to work on some stuff for the store was a much-welcomed bonus (and one that I took full advantage of!) As a result of a Saturday afternoon spent crafting (and bonding) with R's mom, instead of showing up empty-handed at the store for my shift on Thursday night, I will be arriving with 17 (seventeen!!) new spaghetti necklaces. Some of them are the “classic” multi-strand design, but I’ve added a couple new styles to the mix – with beads and clasps and charms, oh my! I’m so excited to get them up on my wall!

The other big excitement of this past weekend was getting to dig through a wagon and two sheds on the farm in search of rusty stuff. I would’ve needed a u-haul to even make a dent in what I found, so I kept it to what would fit in one rusty bucket. Ok, two rusty buckets. Some of the stuff is too precious to part with, like the butter churn bowl and horseshoe, but some of it will be upcycled and put up for sale in the shop and on the Etsy. First up will be a collection of dragonflies made from salvaged metal and rusty nails…just as soon as I buy a good pair of tin snips!

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