July 7, 2010

El Cheap-o Display-o

One of the biggest challenges that I have been faced with since starting my crafty business is how to display my product effectively and affordably. While there are hundreds of commercial display options out there on the market, most are prohibitively priced; especially when you are trying to *make* more money, not *spend* more money. Spinners, racks and stands all add up to a big expense and are often a gamble for a crafter who is still trying to figure things out and who is faced with the challenge of different table sizes/set-ups at nearly every sale.

The opening of the shop is proving to be an interesting exercise because it is forcing me to come up with something that not only follows my esthetic, but that of the store itself; plus, whatever I come up with has to be both fabulous AND frugal. Thankfully, “my colours” (black & white) are the same as the shop colours and Jody has all sorts of things for me to appropriate. So far, I have ganked a bench, 2 empty frames, a magnet board, a curio cabinet, a towel bar (for hanging t-shirts) and a shelf…at least, I *think* there’s a shelf.

My only big headache (so far, knock wood) has been trying to find something to go inside the frames to hold my pendants and pins. My first thought was to upcycle a bulletin board or two; they’re everywhere, right? Wrong. Then I went in search of new cork, which turned out to be both frustrating and expensive. Ceiling tiles? Homosote? Nope. Nope. I finally decided on peg board, but only on the condition that I could avoid using big, ugly pegs. I came up with the brilliant solution of using machine screws while wandering the aisles of Home Depot last night. The #10s fit the holes in the peg board *perfectly* and I can use them two different ways – head-out for the pendants and shaft-out (ooh, that sounds really inappropriate!) for the carded pins. Total cost for pegboard and screws for two frames? Less than $15.

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