July 6, 2010

Holy shirts!

With the mascot away at the lake, I have been making more frequent visits to Value Village in search of cool, upcyclable goods. As with any thrift store, sometimes you luck-out and sometimes you leave empty-handed.

Thankfully, my last couple of visits have been of the lucky variety. Last night I scored 2 awesome t-shirts, 2 boxes of rare, vintage dominoes (double 9s!!), a couple old books, the original “Careers” board game, a weird stock exchange card game, and a vintage Ouija board* (which I was almost afraid to bring into the house…).

Anyway, I was so excited by my haul that I raced home and got straight to work cutting up a pile of t-shirts that will (hopefully) be fabulous, smooshy pillows by bedtime tonight. Or, at least by the time the shop opens on the 13th…

*Fun fact: did you know that Ouija boards were made in Salem? Heh.

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