November 5, 2009

Scissors and Glue-sticks!

One of my most-favourite gals, Em, has posted a nice piece on her blog about the "tools of the trade" and the people who use them. I am honoured to be included.


One day I will post a picture of my workspace and the supplies/tools that I *need* to do my craft(s). Maybe. If I took a pic right now, you would see a chaotic jumble of paper, pens, inkpads, string, ribbon, fabric, books, take-out menus, photographs, yogurt get the idea. On the other hand, if I took a picture of a gleaming desk with everything neatly in its place, you would know that I was lying. I am of the firm belief that you cannot have creativity without chaos, but there is a definite difference between an inspirational mess and, well...a mess.


  1. creativity, chaos, caring the 3c's of crafting

    off to read em's blog too :)

  2. You forgot the 4th c. CASH! ;-)

    I kid. Sorta. I have been very good lately, though. As long as I stay away from Michaels and Scrapbooking by Design, I'm safe. Just wait until I get that Yudu going, though. I'll be buying ink by the bucket!