November 22, 2009

Two down...

...four to go!

This weekend, I took part in the annual Open House at the Cre8ery Gallery. Traffic was apparently less than in past years (and less than they were anticipating), but I had a good time nonetheless. In fact, in terms of sales, it was probably my best sale yet. I am so glad that I spent the time making 6 new collage mirrors, because I sold THREE of them. At $25 each! (To appreciate my excitement, you have to remember that everything else on my table is under $10...besides the pillows, but they're another story...)

I think that my success at the sale was due to the fact that the people attending were, and I'm generalizing for the most part, a teeny bit artsier than the customers at some of my previous sales. Or, they just "got it". (Sometimes my stuff looks a little odd when surrounded by more traditional, pretty crafts.) It was nice to see my pins and collage stuff looking right at home in a room full of pottery, art, textiles and jewelry.

Besides the ego-boost that always come with having a good sale, I got a pretty good sense of what will do well at my upcoming sales. Now I know what to focus my crafty-efforts on over the next 3 weeks. I have to make more mirrors, more Altoids tins, more vintage-gal cards and, because I can't resist, maybe just a few more pins. And more pillows, but, again, they're another story...


  1. Never doubt how amazing your product is. When I saw your cart at Cyclovia I was so excited to see something new & different. I personally get tired of the same old over done crafts. I'm so excited to have some new crafters entering the craft sale & market scene. Thank you for new & different.

  2. Wow! And thanks! I have only been doing this for less than a year and I think I am finally figuring out what works and what doesn't. I am so happy to see my pins and stuff get such a great response. They make me happy to make, so I can only hope that they make others happy, too!

  3. Becca, I love hearing your craft sale tales.. takes me back (did them for 6 years - well untill kids came along) and gets me thinking of next year. Thinking about what to do and how to get into the market again - glad to hear things are going well. (Hmm, I have a stash of mirrors...LOL good project that they are) Oh and we better be getting to hear the t-shirt stories now that you have peaked my interest!

  4. Hahaha...oh, the t-shirts. It's a love-hate thing. I love them, but I hate to see them go un-sold. I'll tell the sad/funny tale in a future post...