October 23, 2009

Really Good(will)

Last weekend, the mascot and I made a trip to the Exchange District for lunch and a little shopping. After a sharing the vegan pizza special and a plate of Southern Fried (baked) Tofu at Mondragon, we wandered over to the Goodwill Store on Princess. I was looking for an old encyclopedia and came out with this:

Vintage books, a small felt "Toronto" pennant and a much-coveted box of scrabble tiles.

Books, books, books!

More books!

Vintage games including "Hi Ho Cherry O" and an awesome auction game.

This is perhaps my favourite find of all - a framed collection of Girl Guide merit badges from the mid-1950s. :sigh:

Total cost for everything shown (plus a set of bowling glasses): $14.

I kid you not.


  1. Sweet finds.. for sure and a what a deal to boot! I want to see a close up of the girl guide badges please.. I wonder how many of them I have stashed under my bed!

  2. http://www.flickr.com/photos/zenbecca/4037586008/

    If you go to "all sizes" (above the pic) and pick "original size", you can get in nice and close.

    ...what else is under that bed?