October 2, 2009

Too many birthdays!

October is a big month in our family. My mom, my dad, my step-mother AND the mascot all have birthdays in the 10th month. Needless to say, this is prime card-making season for me.

I made this card (below) for my mom with a couple of the vintage tobacco cards that I picked up on a recent ephemera-buying spree. The card that is tucked into the pocket has been left free, so that it can be taken out and referred to…should mumji’s chrysanthemums require staking, that is.

I love how the mascot’s card (below) turned out, too. It’s a little cheeky…just like the kid himself. The text on the front reads: “Wildly inappropriate. Utterly frustrating. Outrageously funny. Devastatingly handsome. Generous. Smart. Clever. Charming. Incredibly talented. Happy Birthday!” Inside, it says “You are all of that and more…don’t ever change! (Except maybe your socks & underwear!)”

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