October 5, 2009


I have officially declared this month "Craftober". It will be followed by "$alevember" which, in turn, shall be followed by "Crochember". The last two I will deal with later; our focus right now is Craftober. Focus, focus, focus!

"What is this Craftober thing all about?" Well, Craftober is all about crafts (duh). To be more specific, it is all about making the 757987 crafty things that are needed for the month of $alevember (aka Mama-needs-a-new-pair-of-shoes and/or pay-the-mortgage). My goal for the next 4 weeks or so is to do something crafty each and every day. No matter what.

I still have to work out the exact details regarding what I'm making and how much of everything I will need for the sales, but that will happen once I have all of my sales confirmed. For now, though, let's see how I'm doing:

Oct 1 - made 2 birthday cards and painted 2 little frames (for my room)
Oct 2 - 28 domino pendant bases, glued and trimmed
Oct 3 - made 1 flowered scarf-lace (crochet)
Oct 4 - made 1 pair of fingerless gloves (crochet)
Oct 5 - started a pair of gloves, but frogged them. Finished painting cameo mirror frames (6 coats! what??)
Oct 6 - added text to cameos. Made a small collage "How to make Hairpin Lace" and a tiny tag/bag collage "No Shred".
Oct 7 - made 3 "birdhouse" AOTCs that may become note cards...
Oct 8 - I did *something*...but what?
Oct 9 - made 3 birthday cards
Oct 10 - Made a dozen "middles" for Altoids albums (and a complete one for Dad), glazed 25 pendants (1st coat)
Oct 11 - decorated a cake (ok, that technically doesn't count)
Oct 12 - crocheted 2 pr pinky-red handwarmers, glazed pendants, glued 9 Altoids albums/tins
Oct 13 - glued bails to 12 pendants, cut out paper and 3 pages of words for domino pins, crocheted 2 granny squares
Oct 14 - crocheted handwarmers
Oct 15 - made something...honest
Oct 16 - made 7 dozen domino blanks
Oct 17 - glued words and pinbacks to dominoes
Oct 18 - glazed pins, made and copied 5 new card designs
Oct 19 - folded, glued and packaged 20 sets of cards and crocheted a scarf for Susan's b-day

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