May 16, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

5 things that made this a very excellent day:

1. While the mascot was getting his teenage beauty sleep, I snuck off to the gym. I usually don't get to go on Mother's Day because I am too busy getting breakfasted in bed, but this year we thought we'd start the celebrations a little later. #win

2. I didn't expect a gift from my fella (I am not his mother, after all), but I was very happy when he showed up to mow my lawn. The Mascot, who was obligated to shower me with gifts, gave me a tin of my favourite tea from David's. #doublewin

3. Unburger! I had my usual (the Bella, hold the mayo), plus half of a double order of fries (regular and yam). Happiness on a (multigrain) bun.

4. The Avengers in 3D with my fella to my left, the Mascot to the right, and a bag of popcorn all to myself! Bonus: someone shared his Aero Bubbles with me.

5. This:


  1. Fabulous day! I got to go to Gimli with my peeps, also excellent.