May 7, 2012

Day 6 - Nature

I don't have what you would call a green thumb, but I do love digging in the dirt. I think it goes back to my childhood of playing in sandboxes and forests (yes, forests), and helping my parents plant our annual flower beds and containers.

This picture marks my very first plunge into the garden in 2012. While my fella did his good deeds for the day (mowing my lawn and fixing the hinge on my gate), I ripped out all of the old, dried leaves and plant matter from the two raised beds in my front yard. 

My lilies were already leafy and thriving, and my ferns are starting to unfurl, but I was so relieved to discover that hidden underneath all of the dead stuff was the beginnings of an epic display of Hostas. I don't know why I worry; ignore them as I may in the summer, they always seem to come back in the spring, bigger and better than the year before. 

While I was working in the dirt, a Robin supervised me from the rooftop next door. Once I had finished, he swooped down into the garden for a little clean-up (read: snack) of his own. Sorry, Mr Worm. :-/

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